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SEO Versus Social Media

SEO Versus Social Media

SEO and social media are two of the most popular elements of digital marketing. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong notes that both elements should be a significant part of a digital marketing strategy. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. That is why today, we will give some insights into SEO versus social media.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a strategy of improving the visibility of a site to people searching for brands, products, and services. It focuses on getting discovered through searches to attract customers and sustain the business. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong aims to rank on SEO. Any format or type of content today can rank on search engines.

Google is the largest global search engine. Other popular search engines are AOL, Ask.com, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Excite, and Yahoo. These search engines use bots to crawl on web pages. As they crawl, they collect information about each webpage and index them from site to site. Through hundreds of ranking factors and signals for each search engine, the web pages are ranked according to keyword searches. The most essential element of organic ranking is relevancy and user experience.


A social media agency Hong Kong defines social media as Internet networks that facilitate the sharing f ideas, information, and thoughts. The most popular social media sites are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Like SEO, social media visibility is very important in digital marketing. With more than half of the global population having a social media account, they can help brands and businesses boost discovery and sales.

Social media visibility can be achieved through 7 building blocks. These are brand identity, content sharing, conversations, presence, relationships, reputation, and social media groups. The first functional block is building brand identity. The brand or business should complete and update the information on their social media pages including the company name, address, category, and contact details. They should consistently post and share relevant content. Consistent communication with their followers can also build an online presence. To build relationships and reputation, they should continuously nurture posting on social media groups. Just like SEO algorithms, social media uses artificial intelligence (AI) to rank posts based on these 7 building blocks.


Audience Targeting

SEO targets audiences based on what they are thinking. Social media target people on who they are. Their insights were mostly based on a user’s online behaviors.

Conversion Likelihood

Most Google searchers are ready to make a purchase. They search to get solutions to their pain points. These searches will yield possible solutions, largely influencing the buying decision. On the other side, social media users are not so keen on buying products and services. But they are more likely to share or spread the content.

Effort and Durability

SEO high ranking endures months and weeks. Once a brand or business ranks on top, it can be a passive source of visitors for several days. Social media ranking lasts within minutes. To have a better ranking, social media needs continuous posting.


The average content format that ranks on Google is long-form content. These are content containing 1500+++ words.  Visuals perform best on social media. They generate 53% more engagement than non-visual content.


List building, outreach, and pitching are interdependent SEO factors. While Comments, followers, profiles, and shares are interdependent social media factors.


In SEO, traffic and visibility are the easiest to report while engagement is hard to measure. Social media engagements are highly visible but traffic is difficult to report.


The speed of SEO ranking is slow and uncertain. It may take days for relevant pages to be indexed and ranked. Social media content can be posted instantly and can go viral within minutes.


SEO features researched-based content for different topics. Answers to common questions and detailed how-to articles often rank best. Social Media content stirs emotional responses. They tend to appeal more to user emotions rather than intelligence.

Upper limits

Traffic on SEO searches is limited to the number of searchers for the day. The social media traffic is virtually unlimited. They can drive a huge amount of attention one can never expect.

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Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy

Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy

Social media is a vital part of digital marketing. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, there are around 3.96 billion social media users in the world today. So, without a doubt, a social media agency Hong Kong highlights that all brands and businesses should have social media accounts and pages.

Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights the importance of a social media strategy to boost online visibility. As more people access information and news on their social media profiles, more brands and businesses have the chance to promote their products and services. To further help marketers with an effective campaign, here are some steps to a successful social media strategy.

Build a Winning Social Media Team

A successful social media strategy is not just a single effort. Rather, it is a team collaboration. So, the first step every brand or business should do is to put together a winning social media team. This will include customer service support, content creators, graphic designers, sales support, and social media marketers.

Decide on Your Goals and Objectives

After your form a winning social media team, the next step is to determine the goals and objectives of a brand or business. The team should set attainable, measurable, and specific key performance indicators (KPIs). They are very important in determining the success of your social media strategy.

Decide on the Persona of Your Target Audience

Your social media team also needs to decide the persona of your target audience. It forms the right prospects where you will show your social media content. A target audience persona will most likely buy the offering of a brand or business. It is because they either desire or need these products and services. To better understand the persona of a target audience, a social media team should put data together about their buying behaviors, online activities, and social media engagements.

Evaluate the Competition

Another step to a successful social media strategy is to look and listen. Assess your own social media performances and compare them with your closest competitors. It will help you see what works and what does not work. They can serve as a guide to better social media strategy.

Setup a Content Plan for Each Social Media Platform

Setting up a content plan for each social media platform means choosing a network first. General branding and startups should consider reaching a large number of Facebook users. Most millennial brands can seek success on Instagram. Twitter is a good platform for limited promotions and product launches. YouTube is the best platform for gaming and sports brand.

Each social media platform is unique. The key is to be creative in catching the audiences’ attention. First, research the optimal dates and times for social media posting. Do this for every social media platform you intend to strategize. Then, create a content calendar to schedule your posting ahead of time. Vary your content formats, and do not forget to use call-to-actions (CTAs) to boost awareness, engagement, and sales.

Track Your Social Media Performances

A successful social media strategy is a continuous process. Engage, monitor, analyze and repeat your social media performances. Track your KPIs and see what is doing good or not. As you track the KPIs, do not forget to engage with your audience. Thank your followers for any commendation. Treat feedback as an opportunity for improvement. In the end, tracking your social media performances shows your return on investment (ROI).

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How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

A majority of brands and businesses used social media today. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have been the main components of digital marketing. According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to online shopping. Social media platforms are very ideal to build digital shops and communicating with prospects.

Thus, a social media agency Hong Kong highlights the importance of conducting a social media audit. It is a critical part for brands and businesses to develop a successful social media strategy. Just like accounting, it allows you to know what you have been doing right and what you need to correct.

Don’t be scared! A social media audit is not scary. Even a video marketing agency Hong Kong highly recommends performing one on your YouTube channel. It will help brands and businesses understand what is happening on their social media pages. Below, let us take a look at the simplest steps on how to conduct a social media audit!

What Is a Social Media Audit?

A social media audit is taking a look at everything on all your social media pages. It means taking a step back to analyze the past performances of your social media pages and posts. Just like a financial audit, a social media audit aims to look for irregularities in your social media channels. During the process, you will need to look at the strengths and weaknesses in your branding. Break it down into smaller chunks to create hypotheses in improving your strategies.

Benefits of a Social media Audit

A social media audit can help you understand what is happening in each of your social media channels. It offers a range of benefits as follow:

  • Determine what’s working and what’s not on your social media pages and posts.
  • Determine whether impostor accounts are stealing your fans and followers.
  • Helps you update outdated profiles that you need to revive, repurpose, or shut down
  • Gives new opportunities to grow and engage your audience.

How to Conduct a Social Media Audit

Here is a one-page summary of how you can conduct a social media audit:

  • Check all of your social media profiles. See to it that all bios, profile images, and information are updated and in line with the company branding.
  • Keep a record of all your social media profiles in a spreadsheet together with their corresponding URLs. It can help you track them from time to time. It can also be a chance to deactivate the social media accounts that you no longer use. Review the list of people who have access to each profile and adjust permissions accordingly.
  • Monitor your social media analytics. See how your social media pages have grown through the years. Track metrics that matter to your goals to decide if you need to change your strategy or not.
  • Make sure to take note of your best-performing content. Understand what elements resonated with your audience. You can use them for future inspiration.
  • Revisit and update audience demographics and buyer’s persona as well. Keep an eye on the emerging platforms that your target audience may join. They can help you determine if your platform is still a good fit for them.
  • Social media audits also mean competitive analysis. Compare your audience size, content performance, and listening metrics with your competitors. They can give you valuable insights into what makes a specific content stand out.
  • Social media audits also mean tracking your paid ads and campaigns. Learn how much budget you spend on them and determine your return of investment for each.
  • Track all records of collaborations and relationships. Contextual information in your database can help you determine the best way to build relationships with influencers and partners.
  • Track how your customer metrics changed over time. It will help you determine if you may need extra manpower or bots to keep up with the growing customer demands.
  • Update your social media audit every 6 to 12 months.


The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to conduct a social media audit. Go ahead and do it on all your social media profiles today!

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Top Social Media Strategies for 2022

Top Social Media Strategies for 2022

Social media platforms become the key instruments of communication and connections during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. People’s behaviors significantly change. Today, there are 4.55 billion social media users. That is almost 60% of the world’s total population.

According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, the optimism on digital marketing was also affected by the pandemic. A good example is the digital optimism rate among US businesses. It hit a score of 59 in June 2020. But as businesses go back to normal, digital marketing optimism now rises at almost 70. All of these were based on a scale of 1 to 100.

So, it is clear that social media platforms always play a big part in digital marketing as a social media agency Hong Kong highlighted. To help brands and businesses, here are some top social media strategies for 2022.

Align Your Social Media Strategy with Your Overall Marketing Approach

More than 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been an effective part of their digital marketing strategy. Because they are continuously rising, brands and businesses should grab the opportunity of aligning them with their overall marketing approach. Social media can move followers into contacts and leads. It can increase sales conversion and website traffic. Better yet, it can be a good source of first-party data in the absence of third-party cookies.

Be Creative in Making Content 

In every marketing endeavor, creative content is the key to success. A video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights that the attention span of social media users gets shorter and shorter. That is why brands and businesses should be creative enough to catch their attention and deliver brand messaging within 5 to 10 seconds. 

Start providing content centered around the following trends:

  • Online marketing strategies
  • Remote marketing tips
  • Remote sales tips
  • Virtual event strategies
  • Webinar best practices

With these types of creative content, you can boost SEO and learn more about new marketing strategies.

Discover New Features

Social media is fast changing. Thus, it is best to never stop experimenting and exploring new features and tools. New social media channels like the Clubhouse app and TikTok have emerged this year. Brands and businesses can try new apps to do the following:

  • Better build brand awareness
  • Quickly create engaging content
  • Strike connections with varied communities and customers

Explore Formal Marketing Engagement

Social media is a great place to experiment with ads and brand messaging. It provides analytics and insights based on audience engagement, feedback, and reaction. Despite this fact, only 29% of brands and businesses invested in formal marketing engagement. One of the top social media marketing strategies for 2022 should be exploring formal marketing engagement.

When we think of formal marketing engagement, this means using social media analytics to power up your marketing approach. A good example is Facebook A/B experiment tools. It allows brands and businesses to test the same ad copies in different creative variations. It helps marketers understand the impact of their goals before implementing social media strategies.

Partner with Influencers

Partnering with influencers is also one of the top social media strategies for 2022. The budget for influencer marketing is predicted to rise by 12.7% from 2022 to 2025. The influencer community has significantly helped brands and businesses to build authenticity and trust in social media. While it is critical to find the right influencer for a certain campaign, it is equally important to equip them with the right knowledge about any product updates.

Practice Agile Marketing Management 

Agile marketing management is an interactive approach to cope with the ever-changing world of social media. As one of the top marketing strategies for 2022, it requires flexibility and skills to adapt to changing priorities. Test, learn, and quickly grow by trying out new technology.  Outline all new processes to ensure that other members of the team can attain goals through such repeatable processes.

Understand Search Intent

It is undeniable that social media marketing is very powerful. One of the unique features that make social media platforms stand out is the ability to understand user intent. Understanding search intent can be a gold mine for brands and businesses. By learning how to optimize your ads and campaigns through search intent, you can boost conversion and engagement.

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How to Create Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content

Unlike other trees, “Evergreen” trees don’t lose their leaves as the season changes and time passes by. They have become a symbol of perpetual life. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong compares the term “evergreen” with content that has long-term relevance. This type of content provides imminent benefits to brands and businesses. But what is evergreen content, and how do we create one? Here are the answers!


A social media agency Hong Kong defines evergreen content as search-optimized posts that stay fresh and relevant for readers. From its publication date, it continues to attract traffic over time. Current trends, holiday posts, news, pop culture, and statistics are not considered evergreen content. This is because they tend to become obsolete after 6 months. Evergreen content is commonly relevant to the readers for several years. There are even great evergreen posts that people can relate to for decades. Some popular types of evergreen content are:

  • Encyclopedia Entries
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • How To
  • Industry Definitions
  • Interviews
  • Lists
  • Testimonials
  • Tips
  • Tutorials
  • Videos

Some topics never grow old. When you write about them, you will surely create evergreen content. These are 

  • Finance
  • Food
  • Health
  • Jobs and Careers
  • Love and Romance
  • Parenting
  • Pet Care
  • Weight Loss

What is important is that the topic should be relevant to a brand to drive traffic throughout the years. 


Why should marketers care about creating evergreen content? It is because they offer immense benefits to brands and businesses.

  • They allow brands and businesses to connect with their social media audience. Evergreen content can be great posts to share on social media platforms. By being educational or informational, brands and businesses can develop deeper connections with their social media audiences. 
  • They can drive prospects to your sales funnel for a long period of time. Evergreen content has a long shelf life. They are topics that change very little over time. Such, they continue to drive traffic to your website throughout the years. 
  • They can improve a website’s search engine ranking. Because of the long shelf life of evergreen content, most searchers and writers can use the links of this content as a long-term reference. Such a backlinking process improves the website’s search engine ranking. 
  • They position a brand or business as an industry leader. Evergreen content typically discussed basic topics that beginners commonly search for. As they learn something from these posts, they will look upon the website as helpful and reputable. This positions the brand or business as an industry leader. 


The next question is how to create evergreen content. Here are some best practices

Create Powerful Headlines

Content creation starts with formulating a powerful headline. This method also applies to the creation of evergreen content. Headlines with the words best, data, guide, how to, reason, and top are the most searched topics among audiences. Headlines beginning with question words like what, when, where, who, why, etc. also appeal to potential readers. To create powerful headlines, brands and businesses can pair these words with the relevant topic they want to discuss in a post.

Do Your Research

Evergreen content typically answers frequently asked questions from the target audience of a brand or business. They provide best practices, explanations, and tips about different concepts involving industry or niche. Therefore, it is important to do your research in order to create evergreen content. A video marketing agency Hong Kong recommends researching a topic before formulating ideas for video creation. This is to be able to provide accurate and truthful information. By doing so, a brand or business can position itself as a go-to site for its target persona. It makes them a reputable leader in their industry or niche.

Make It Simple

Beginners are the common target of evergreen content. They are people searching for new concepts or skills. As such, a major key element in creating evergreen content is by making it simple. Use common language and terms. This allows your readers to easily understand the concept or step. Be straightforward. Go directly to the point to avoid confusing your audiences. At the same time, you will need to provide complete information to make your readers know the important things they need to remember. Back up your thoughts with reference links from reputable sources. This can help readers validate that the information you are giving is accurate and true.

Use Internal Linking

The best way to create evergreen content is to use internal linking. Link related evergreen posts on your website together. This is an SEO technique to allow your pages to get discovered. It improves the brand or business website’s SEO ranking and at the same time, expands your post’s reach. Internal linking may somewhat be challenging. But the key is to keep a record of everything you have published on your website. By connecting your evergreen content, you also increase the chance to get discovered long term. 

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