Unlike other trees, “Evergreen” trees don’t lose their leaves as the season changes and time passes by. They have become a symbol of perpetual life. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong compares the term “evergreen” with content that has long-term relevance. This type of content provides imminent benefits to brands and businesses. But what is evergreen content, and how do we create one? Here are the answers!


A social media agency Hong Kong defines evergreen content as search-optimized posts that stay fresh and relevant for readers. From its publication date, it continues to attract traffic over time. Current trends, holiday posts, news, pop culture, and statistics are not considered evergreen content. This is because they tend to become obsolete after 6 months. Evergreen content is commonly relevant to the readers for several years. There are even great evergreen posts that people can relate to for decades. Some popular types of evergreen content are:

  • Encyclopedia Entries
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • How To
  • Industry Definitions
  • Interviews
  • Lists
  • Testimonials
  • Tips
  • Tutorials
  • Videos

Some topics never grow old. When you write about them, you will surely create evergreen content. These are 

  • Finance
  • Food
  • Health
  • Jobs and Careers
  • Love and Romance
  • Parenting
  • Pet Care
  • Weight Loss

What is important is that the topic should be relevant to a brand to drive traffic throughout the years. 


Why should marketers care about creating evergreen content? It is because they offer immense benefits to brands and businesses.

  • They allow brands and businesses to connect with their social media audience. Evergreen content can be great posts to share on social media platforms. By being educational or informational, brands and businesses can develop deeper connections with their social media audiences. 
  • They can drive prospects to your sales funnel for a long period of time. Evergreen content has a long shelf life. They are topics that change very little over time. Such, they continue to drive traffic to your website throughout the years. 
  • They can improve a website’s search engine ranking. Because of the long shelf life of evergreen content, most searchers and writers can use the links of this content as a long-term reference. Such a backlinking process improves the website’s search engine ranking. 
  • They position a brand or business as an industry leader. Evergreen content typically discussed basic topics that beginners commonly search for. As they learn something from these posts, they will look upon the website as helpful and reputable. This positions the brand or business as an industry leader. 


The next question is how to create evergreen content. Here are some best practices

Create Powerful Headlines

Content creation starts with formulating a powerful headline. This method also applies to the creation of evergreen content. Headlines with the words best, data, guide, how to, reason, and top are the most searched topics among audiences. Headlines beginning with question words like what, when, where, who, why, etc. also appeal to potential readers. To create powerful headlines, brands and businesses can pair these words with the relevant topic they want to discuss in a post.

Do Your Research

Evergreen content typically answers frequently asked questions from the target audience of a brand or business. They provide best practices, explanations, and tips about different concepts involving industry or niche. Therefore, it is important to do your research in order to create evergreen content. A video marketing agency Hong Kong recommends researching a topic before formulating ideas for video creation. This is to be able to provide accurate and truthful information. By doing so, a brand or business can position itself as a go-to site for its target persona. It makes them a reputable leader in their industry or niche.

Make It Simple

Beginners are the common target of evergreen content. They are people searching for new concepts or skills. As such, a major key element in creating evergreen content is by making it simple. Use common language and terms. This allows your readers to easily understand the concept or step. Be straightforward. Go directly to the point to avoid confusing your audiences. At the same time, you will need to provide complete information to make your readers know the important things they need to remember. Back up your thoughts with reference links from reputable sources. This can help readers validate that the information you are giving is accurate and true.

Use Internal Linking

The best way to create evergreen content is to use internal linking. Link related evergreen posts on your website together. This is an SEO technique to allow your pages to get discovered. It improves the brand or business website’s SEO ranking and at the same time, expands your post’s reach. Internal linking may somewhat be challenging. But the key is to keep a record of everything you have published on your website. By connecting your evergreen content, you also increase the chance to get discovered long term. 

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