Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger launched Instagram in 2010. Their main goal is to create a photo-sharing app that allows people to post statuses through visuals. In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong noted that it is because the king of social media recognizes its potential as a marketing platform. 

Today, Instagram has 1.074 billion monthly active users (MAUs). It makes it a better platform to promote products and services, according to a social media agency Hong Kong. A video marketing agency Hong Kong even highlights that Instagram is a critical tool for video campaigns. Recently, the platform rebranded as a photo-and-video-sharing app. Below are some Instagram marketing trends for 2022.


Instagram introduced “live shopping” in October 2020. An “Add a Bag” button allows viewers of an IG Live to instantly check out and make a purchase. By making the buying process easier for customers, this Instagram marketing trend will likely continue in 2022. 

To help brands and businesses better understand live shopping, Instagram initiated live shopping Fridays last September and the holiday pop-up live shopping in early December. These made shopping more interactive by showing customers how brands and businesses collaborate with others. 

Using Instagram product stickers during a live broadcast allows customers to browse a featured product catalog. It also allows them to save any content for future reference. A live shopping event also appears in the live tab of Instagram’s Shopping portal. It can be a great way to promote Instagram Shops. 


Instagram is a popular platform for affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and paid partnerships. Such an Instagram marketing trend is predicted to rise in 2022. The new creator tools make it easy to tag sponsored content. Currently, the platform is testing a separate “DM’ feature for paid partnerships. It also allows content repurposing to further advertise a brand or business.

Instagram currently removed the 10k follower requirement for link sharing. This means that every Instagrammer can now be an affiliate marketing partner. This also paved the way for easier collaboration on Instagram. A new collab feature allows users to add a collaborator on any IG feed post or Reels. 


Instagram short-form video formats like Stories and Reels will continue to be a trend on IG ads and campaigns. This is because they are very effective in catching the audience’s attention and boosting brand awareness. Last October, Instagram announced the retirement of IGTV. IGTV videos are now integrated on feed posts and have a time limit of 15 minutes. 

Swipe-up stickers make it possible for brands and businesses to promote their products and services through Stories and Reels ads. Like the “Add a Bag” button, such CTAs significantly boost conversions on Instagram. Stories are ephemeral IG content that disappears after 24 hours. While Reels are short music clips that are similar to TikTok clips. Both short-form videos are now trending among Instagram users.


UGCs have consistently been an Instagram marketing trend and are set to continue until 2022 and more. It is because such consumer content is very authentic. Today, Instagram opened up native affiliate programs that eliminate the need for third parties. So, whether you are a loyal customer or influencer, it will be easier to collaborate with a brand or business on Instagram.

Many consumers consider UGC as more impactful and influential. It appeals to their emotions by relating to a real-life scenario. The best way to create user-generated content on Instagram is to encourage the use of branded hashtags. As such, it will be easier to find relative UGCS to a brand or business.