Seth Godin, a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and marketing speaker is quoted as saying: “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” That is why it is important to have a unified brand.

According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, a unified brand gives consistent content, stories, and theme in all its marketing efforts. It means following similar colors, designs, and visuals, together with topics focusing on a specific niche, as a video marketing agency Hong Kong notes.

For a social media agency Hong Kong, there are five key ingredients of a unified brand on LinkedIn. These are availability, bold ideas, consistency, content balance, and emotional appeal. Let us discuss how to apply them on LinkedIn marketing one by one.


unified brand means putting out a consolidated message between a company’s products and services. Effective branding on LinkedIn is very important to make them stand out from the competition. Delivering a consistent experience to LinkedIn consumers results in a positive brand reputation.

LinkedIn brands and businesses can create unified branding in different ways. A consistent color scheme, graphics, logos, and slogans can form a unique identity that captures the audience’s attention. They also create an emotional impression in the mind of the consumers. As such, a unified brand is an opportunity for growth.

Think of an established brand like Nike. Because it is always in the heart and minds of its loyal customers, Nike can introduce innovative product offerings. Advocates will be very much willing to try these new products. They will also share their good experiences with the brand.



LinkedIn recently publish a 25-page guide to effective branding. It provides a range of notes and tips about the 5 key ingredients of a unified brand. Here are they:


Availability means being always on to answer your audiences’ queries. Even though you got a bold and novel creative, you need to make sure that your LinkedIn audiences interact with your brand. Being always on means consistently posting a brand messaging to make it more memorable. Remember, lack of exposure equates to memory corrosion. A good example of availability in a unified brand is that of McDonald’s. Even though their gold arches are bold and iconic in the US, they move their advertising taglines everywhere. As they say, McDonald’s has over 99 billion served.

Bold Ideas

An unexpected creative can be very memorable. If you find a way to break the noise on LinkedIn with bold ideas, there is a higher chance to succeed in unified branding. An iconic brand logo, a distinct slogan, or a unique color scheme can weave a unified brand’s DNA. A great example is Coca-Cola. When you think about soda, you typically think about Coke. It is because the brand successfully tells candid, direct, and illustrative stories.


The consistency of posting on LinkedIn is very different from other social media platforms. LinkedIn experts recommend posting once a day from Monday to Friday. It can boost followings 6x than brands and businesses that post more often.

Content Balance

LinkedIn audiences are typically exposed to different brand messages. But they only respond to those that are not annoying and that is favorable to them. The best way to nurture them is to create a content balance. LinkedIn audiences do not want to be too salesy. Besides, reports found that 61% are more likely to convert when exposed to both paid and unpaid content.

Emotional Appeal

LinkedIn is the most effective lead generation platform for B2Bs. But it is no different from other buying processes. A unified brand appeals to its customers and prospects emotionally. It may be challenging to do so, but you can take an example from other successful brands. Nike, for one, explored how athletes can overcome hardship in its Just Do It campaign. The brand has successfully connected the campaign’s story with its audiences.