Three years after it was launched, Facebook Ads was introduced for businesses. From there, the king of social media shifted from a simple communication platform into a strong advertising channel. In Q4 of 2020, Facebook ad revenue was $20.7 billion. It became the bread and butter for the social media network. Among other platforms, Facebook has the highest CTR and most ads. A social media agency Hong Kong says that the big challenge lies in what type of Facebook Ads should a brand or business choose for different campaigns. If you want to build warm audiences, here are Facebook Ads that you should use.


A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong defines Facebook Ads as advertising solutions for every level of expertise. They are exclusive promotions that appear on the marketplace, Messenger, news feeds, stories, etc. They come in different forms – carousels, images, links, slideshows, videos, and more. What is good about them is that brands and businesses can target specific audiences based on their age, activities, gender, location, usage, and other demographics or profile information. 

Creating a Facebook Ad is not like simply posting a Facebook update. You need to use Facebook Ads Manager to start a campaign. These are paid messages exclusively offered for Facebook businesses or pages. Anybody can post on a Facebook Page for free. But there is no guarantee on how broad and whose audiences will see it. With Facebook Ads, brands and businesses are paying to target audiences based on their buyer’s persona. The guarantee is that people who are most likely interested in an offer will see the ads on Facebook.


Warm Audiences on Facebook are people who have recently reacted to a brand or business. They can be people who have commented, liked, saved, or shared a post. They can also be people who have clicked a link, viewed a video, or visited a page. They may also be people who have found the brand or business through a Google search. Warm Audiences are also called retargeted audiences. Since they have shown an intent to engage with a brand or purchase a product or service, they are an ideal target group for conversion ads and campaigns. What brands and businesses may need is to educate warm audiences more on Facebook. As they get to know the benefits a brand can offer them, they are most likely to convert as customers.


  • Carousel Ads. Facebook Carousel Ads allow showing 3 to 10 CTA, headlines, images, links, or videos into a single ad unit. Facebook users who see such types of ads can either click the left and right arrows or swipe the cards to navigate the content of the ads. They can be an effective ad format in highlighting a specific product, showing steps on how to use it, or telling its story. When targeted to warm audiences, Facebook Carousel Ads drive 10x more traffic than other regular Facebook ads. This is because of the use of interactive cards. A warm audience gets to be more curious about what is behind these interactive cards. As they get to know the brand more, they also discover products and services that solve their pain point. So, they tend to explore them and eventually make a purchase.
  • Instant Experience Ads. Also called Canvass Ads, Facebook Instant Experience Ads are mobile-optimized promotions. They are designed for full-screen viewing using a mobile device. Mobile audiences can interact with them by exploring tagged products, swiping carousel ads, and viewing photos or videos. Instant Experience Ads can boost engagement among warm audiences through their interactive elements. The main benefit of such an ad type is that they load 15x faster than regular ads. They are also easy to create with a variety of templates available for use. The key to creating effective Instant Experience ads is to add a strong CTA and make them compelling and eye-catching. 
  • Video Ads. Around 500 million people watch videos on Facebook daily. While 15% of the overall content on Facebook is videos. Plus, they get 59% more clicks than images. A video marketing agency Hong Kong, Facebook video ads are the less impacted retargeting options after Apple’s privacy updates. They can build warm audiences by offering more video content that is easy to consume and memorable. The best video ad length for Facebook is short and sweet lasting for around 15 seconds or less. Warm audiences prefer live videos over pre-recorded ones. This is because they can get real-time answers to their queries. Statistics showed that they had a sixfold higher engagement rate. 


These three Facebook Ads for warm audiences can be great options for brands to boost conversion and engagement. Carousel Ads are interactive ways to highlight a featured offer and show off relevant ones. Instant Experience ads engage audiences who mostly use mobile devices to access the Facebook app. While Video Ads are now the best way to retarget warm audiences as they are less affected by privacy updates. Yet, it is also important to experiment with a variety of approaches. At Facebook, you can always try A/B testing to determine what works best.