If Facebook is the king of social media, content is the king of social media posting. According to a

digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, the success of an online marketing strategy depends on the interval, quality, segmentation, and type of content that a brand or business uploads. For a social media agency Hong Kong, content build and nurture communities. While a video marketing agency Hong Kong highlights the importance of posting eye-catching content to influence viewers in their buying decisions.

But it is not that easy to create and curate posts on social media. The challenge is to keep the target audience interested but not annoyed. That is why brands and businesses need to vary the format they are posting. They also need to be creative to attract attention and stir curiosity in their audiences’ minds. Bellow, we have compilated a cheat sheet for social media content ideas.

Engagement Boosts

Here are simple ideas to boost engagement via social media content:

  • Allow the audience to fill in the blank using an unfinished statement
  • Ask a question
  • Ask help on choosing whether this or that
  • Check ideas on what the audiences would rather do
  • Comment using a GIF
  • Hold an online competition or contest
  • Initiate a poll or survey
  • Offer free downloads
  • Seek advice
  • Stir a positive controversy (when appropriate)
  • Upload short stories with many keywords (Mad Lib Style)

Expert Status

A good social media content idea is to show your expertise in an industry or niche:

  • Create industry FAQs
  • Create relevant infographics
  • Help audiences solve their problems through unique solutions
  • Publish helpful niche articles
  • Publish relevant facts, statistics, or trivia
  • Show some money-saving hacks
  • Show some time-saving tips


Stir engagement using the crowd’s favorites with these social media content ideas:

  • Collaborate with social media influencers
  • hare a quote
  • Highlight your best products and services
  • Recommend a free app or website
  • Recommend a movie or music
  • Recommend a nice book
  • Recommend software or tool
  • Show educational resources relevant to your niche
  • Show some money-saving hacks
  • Show some time-saving tips

Get Personal

Draw your audiences closer to you, your brand, or your business by getting a little bit personal:

  • Boast of your family
  • Get creative by telling the audience about your hobbies.
  • Highlight what the audiences can expect around town
  • Quote a mantra in life
  • Relax and share it with your audiences
  • Say thank you
  • Share life’s lessons
  • Share random facts about you, the brand, or the business
  • Share your current mood
  • Share your passion
  • Show personal appreciation and gratitude
  • Show the challenges you are struggling with at the moment
  • Show what’s happening behind the scene in real-life, real-time


Promote your brand, partner brands, your social media pages, and relevant pages:

  • Feature case studies, success stories, testimonials, and user-generated content (UGC)
  • Give freebies
  • Give special offers and promotions
  • Highlight your latest content or product
  • Promote your blog and newsletter
  • Repurpose evergreen content
  • Share a popular content or product
  • Share your favorite content or product
  • Share your latest blog post
  • Tell the audience what other social media pages you have


Shoutouts are messages of appreciation, congratulation, or gratitude. Here are some social media content ideas for a shout out:

  • Mention a fan
  • Mention a local business
  • Mention an influencer or partner
  • Mention the brand you love
  • Mention your most engaged fan
  • Say thank you
  • Share a memory, photo, or a post

Trending Topics

From time to time, some topics experience a surge in popularity. It will be wise for a brand or business to ride on them, as long as relevant to the industry. Here are some social media content ideas to ride the trends:

  • Highlight pop culture
  • Highlight the latest events and news
  • Remind audiences about an upcoming holiday
  • Remind everyone about a national celebration
  • Ride on relevant viral and trending posts, especially videos
  • Share a Google Alert post under the Google Discover tab


Visuals can be a GIF, images, or videos. They are a content format that seeks to attract the human eye through creativity. Today, the best social media contents are images and videos showing these categories:

  • A sneak peek of what’s happening
  • Artwork
  • Before & after
  • Behind the scene
  • Flat lay photos
  • How to use a product
  • How-to or tutorial
  • Inspirational quotes
  • Leisure activities
  • Live streaming showing an announcement or product launch
  • Memes
  • Services in action
  • Work-life balance


Start with creating a plan to determine your goal of posting on social media. While creating the marketing plan, stick to the 20/60/20 rule to build valuable relationships. It means posting 20% of fully helpful content, 60% of helpful and promotional content, and 20% of fully promotional content. Last, consistent branding in every type of content you post is the key to a brand recall.

Reference: https://bootcampdigital.com/blog/the-ultimate-social-media-content-ideas-cheat-sheet/