Google is an Internet search engine owned by Alphabet, an American multinational company. Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Bin in 1998, it has now become the largest global search engine. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong highlights Google’s mission to make information universally accessible. It indeed succeeds in its mission by dominating the search for information.

According to a social media agency Hong Kong, Google uses a proprietary algorithm that retrieves and shows the most relevant search results from dependable sources. The search engine is unique because it does not only base the ranking on content. Instead, it also based the ranking according to how many web pages link back to a page. As such, it was patented as PageRank.

Google also owns YouTube. According to a video marketing agency Hong Kong, the search engine acquired the video-sharing platform in 2006. Today, YouTube became the second most searched site globally, next to Google. Below, let us discover the power of Google. Here are Google search statistics that marketers need to know!

Almost Half of the Product Searches Start with Google

According to reports, 46% of product searches start with Google, with the other 54% starting from Amazon. Amazon and Google have been switching places as the top starting point for product searches between 2015 to 2018. As such, marketers need to keep in mind that Google ads can be very useful to influence buying decisions.

Around 90% of People Only Click Google’s First-Page Results

Recent surveys showed that 90% of respondents will only click Google’s first-page results. If people do not find the answers to their query on the first page, they will do a different query instead of scrolling past the first page. For mobile users, 60% are likely to click the top 3 search results and will not scroll beyond that point. Thus, marketers should strive to put brands on top of Google’s SERP.

YouTube was the Most Searched Google Query

To date, YouTube is the most searched Google query. Facebook comes next, then WhatsApp web. These top 3 queries yield a search volume of 100 million monthly searches. So, marketers should see to it that brands have a YouTube channel and Facebook Page to rank on Google.

Google Lens Answers More Than 1 Billion Questions Daily

Google Lens is a computing capability to search for information using visual queries. Using a smartphone camera, users can take a picture of an image and direct it on Google search to find more data about it. Currently, Google Lens answers more than 1 billion questions daily. This means that marketers should constantly update their product images to rank on Google Lens searches.

Google Dominates the Search Engine Market

As of 2022, Google holds 91.9% of the search engine market shares. Bing got 2.88%, YANDEX got 1,27%, and Baidu got 1.16%. Google has maintained a significantly high market share over the past decade. It even expanded its services to mail, productivity tools, and other ventures. The search engine can significantly boost advertising revenues.

Google Is the Most Visited Website Globally

Google receives around 89.3 billion visits every month. One fun fact is that 16.3 percent of US searchers google the term “Google.”  With billions of people using Google every day to search for answers and products, marketers can never go wrong using a Google strategy to promote brand awareness.

Google Processes Over 8.5 billion Searches Daily

In 1998, Google started processing 10,000 daily searches. Today, Google processes over 99,000 searches every second. That is equivalent to 8.5 billion searches daily. The search engine found a great way to analyze search intent, making it the most powerful search engine in the world.

Mobile Searches Dominate Google

Half of the world’s population uses mobile devices or smartphones. Mobile searches dominate Google, occupying 63% of overall queries. Generally, these searches involve a local search for businesses, destination points, and landmarks.

Organic Searches in Google Produce 23% of Website Traffic

Around 93% of website traffic emanates from Google’s organic searches. Reports showed that people click a website after finding it on a blog, how-to, infographic, photo, etc. Since organic traffic is free and targeted, marketers can use a mix of organic ads and PPC.

People Search Google an Average of 3x Daily

Almost everyone depends on Goggle. In fact, people search Google an average of 3x a day.  They let Google resolve their queries multiple times daily. It is because googling makes searches convenient and faster.