Facebook believes that providing value to people can generate leads. As such, the platform makes it easier to generate leads via an auto-populated pop-up. It is more convenient than users manually filling up lead gen forms especially on mobile devices. People are more likely to complete them and reduce the number of drop-offs. Through audience selection, product optimization, and the right questions asked, Facebook lead gen ads have been very effective. Yet, digital marketing speaker Hong Kong recommends building highly targeted audiences to improve Facebook lead gen ads. Here’s how!


A social media agency Hong Kong noted that Facebook is a lead generation beast. With 2.8 billion monthly active users (MAU), there is no doubt that it has proven itself among brands and businesses. Below are some statistics to prove the power of Facebook lead gen ads.

  • Businesses and brands have seen higher engagement rates on Facebook compared to other social media networks. A video marketing agency Hong Kong notes that the usage of videos on Facebook has increased to 1.25 billion people monthly. This is through Facebook Watch. Around 87% of Facebook engagements happen on posts with images and photos. They generate 179% more engagement than other posts. Over 2.5 billion comments are posted on the platform daily. 
  • Facebook houses a wide market for different audiences. Its users are ages 13 to more than 65 years old. The highest number of Facebook users are between 25 to 34 years old (31.6%). Those ages 18 to 24 years old come next (23.8%). Adults ages 35 to 44 (16.9%) and 45 to 54 (10.5%) have also been rising as a featured group of Facebook users. Facebook users access the app with an average of 8x per day. This makes Facebook the 3rd most visited site in the world. All the more, Facebook ads can reach 2.14 billion people.
  • Facebook takes digital marketing by storm. There are 90 million small businesses using Facebook Groups, Messenger, and Pages. 92% of digital marketers use Facebook ads. This is because 75% of Facebook users visit at least one local business page every week. While an average Facebook user clicks at least 12 ads every month.


There are 4 key elements for effective lead generation on Facebook. Focusing on these elements can greatly improve Facebook lead gen ads. 

  • Landing Page is a key factor in generating leads via Facebook. The platform suggests testing different landing pages on a website through Facebook click-through ads. This is to see which page generates the highest click-through rates and conversions. 
  • Lead Capture means saving information from the leads. This element should make it clear to the audience what they are signing up for. By being straightforward on your lead gen ads, you have the assurance that you are getting the right people for your future outreach. 
  • Lead Magnets are special offers to Facebook users in exchange for the information they are giving a business. Facebook says that brands and businesses should adopt the “give before asking” mentality when creating lead magnets. A discount code, eBook, free trial, or newsletter should communicate a brand’s value upfront.
  • Lead Scoring can better customize target audiences on Facebook. By using a matrix prioritizing leads based on engagement, brands and businesses can greatly improve Facebook lead gen ads by contacting leads that are most likely to convert. 

Besides these 4 elements, Facebook also provides some tips to creating a successful lead gen ad copy. The ad must clearly articulate the benefit. Be straightforward in telling what you can offer to the audience in exchange for their information. You can use images to illustrate what benefits they can get. Never make a promise that you cannot deliver. Never exaggerate the promise either. Use exciting and short phrases to deliver your lead gen ad copy among Facebook users. Give them a reason to click. This, you can do, by using call-to-actions on your lead gen ads.


The key to improving your Facebook lead gen ads is to refine your approach using the above-mentioned tips. They are strategies directly coming from the Facebook team. By using Facebook’s targeting tools properly, you can maximize your lead generation efforts and gather more insights about the right people for every campaign.

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