Customers are the bloodline of every business. Building and maintaining a steady engagement with a community of customers can sustain a brand. A digital marketing speaker Hong Kong says that customer experience can give brands and businesses a competitive edge in a crowded market. Around 84% of people mention that a good customer experience is as important as the product and services of a business. In fact, one out of three consumers walk away from a brand after a bad experience. As such, rethinking the customer’s journey is very vital in a marketing strategy.

  • Are you attracting the right customers?
  • Are you making your clients happy?

If you want better marketing results, here are some ways to rethinking the customer’s journey!

Make the Customers Aware of Your Brand or Business

According to a social media agency Hong Kong that the first step to a customer’s journey is to make the customer aware of your brand or business. Get your business in front of people through organic posts and paid ads. Discover their pain points and discuss how you can solve them.

Give Customers a Reason to Like Your Business

Customers typically make snap judgments over a brand or business. Help them like your business easily by creating a mobile-optimized and user-friendly website. Most people access the Internet using their mobile devices. So, it is essential that the elements of your website should fit small screens. Make it easier for them to navigate the pages to easily find what they are looking for. Post content that is relevant to your target customer’s interests and preferences. Most importantly, make it easy for your customers to know the details of your products and services and what they can do to solve their pain points.

Display Your Social Proof

Social proof builds credibility and trust by tapping people’s instinct to follow other’s actions. They are a great way to show your customers that your brand or business can be trusted. Some examples of social proof that you can display on your social media pages and websites are customer reviews, industry awards, and influencer testimonials. User-generated content like enjoying or unboxing a product is also very helpful. A video marketing agency Hong Kong also suggests creating clips and stories about how things go behind the scene. They are an authentic way to touch the emotions of your customers. Video testimonials, on the other hand, help establish personal connections with others.

Convince Customers to Try Your Offer

This is called the “try stage.” It is the first point of influencing your customers to try your offerings.  A complimentary trial, free eBook, introductory discounts, product samplers, welcome code can do the trick. As target customers get the experience of your products and services, they are most likely to be converted as loyal followers. 

Sell to Your Customers

Once they become aware of your brand, products, and services, it is now time to sell to your customers. Make your customer’s journey convenient and easier by adopting different payment methods. If they are on Facebook, allow them to complete the purchase without leaving the app. Do this for every social media platform. Chatbots are a great way to answer customer queries once they are ready to buy your offer. They can connect to your customers by answering their common questions and offering customer support 24/7. To sell to your customers, don’t let them abandon their carts because of the inconvenience of checking out and making a payment.

Generate Repeat Business from Happy Customers

This is the stage of retaining happy customers in their buying journey.  Sending them updates from time to time allows them to discover more of your offerings. It may also be smart to offer bundle packages or promotional discounts to those who regularly purchase your products and services. A loyalty program may also encourage them to buy more. But don’t overdo it. Spamming a customer’s email or inbox may not produce good results. Keep it minimal as possible so as not to annoy them. Another great way to generate repeat business is to show your customers that you care. Sending them a birthday or holiday greeting can also make them feel a sense of importance and generate repeat business.

Seek Referrals from Happy Customers

Every brand or business needs a steady number of customers to sustain its operation. The more customers patronizing their products and services, the better. It can give them more potentials for growth. Seek referrals from your happy customers. Tap into the power of their positive experiences to encourage reviews and testimonials. Better yet, create an incentive program for happy customers to get bonuses and perks by bringing along friends to become a buyer and follower. 


  • Are you attracting the right customers?
  • Are you making your clients happy?

If you want better marketing results, follow these 7 steps in rethinking your customer’s journey!