Instagram Stories are massive. Around 500 million users tap into their power daily. 70% of Instagram users watch them, while 86.6% post stories every day. 

According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, the best performing stories are those with 1.3- second single frame to a 4.1-second dual frame. It is because modern viewers have a shorter attention span. A quarter of Gen Z and millennial Instagrammers also use IG Stories to find products and services. One out of three IG users become more interested in a product after seeing them on Stories.

Instagram Stickers have been a great way for marketers to boost conversion and engagement on Stories. A social media agency Hong Kong notes that you can use stickers as CTA, to add text captions on Stories and spice them up with graphics. Stickers can also convey emotions to appeal to the viewers.

Below, let us take learn how to use 10 Instagram Stories Stickers to improve engagement!

Countdown Sticker

Countdown stickers on Instagram allow users to set a reminder on Stories at the last minute of an event. It is by using a timer to show the remaining seconds left ticking until zero. Countdown Stories stickers can improve engagement by generating interest in what’s coming up next. They create a sense of excitement among Instagrammers. Countdown Stories stickers are also perfect ways to promote an event or launch. It gives Instagrammers a sense of urgency to take action.  

GIF Sticker

GIF stickers are looping animations. They can add flair and visual interest to Instagram Stories. Brands and businesses can use GIF Stories stickers to improve engagement by showing off their fun personality. Instagrammers are generally interested in fun and interactive brands and businesses. GIF Stories stickers can also be used as CTAs to point viewers to the right path. For example, using a “New Post” GIF influences users to check the latest IG feed of the story’s host.

Hashtag Sticker

Hashtag initially originated on Twitter. But they prove to be a great help both on Facebook and Instagram. Hashtag Stories stickers allow Instagrammers to discover similar content. Tapping a hashtag sticker directs a user to a dedicated paid for the specific hashtag. It will show the latest content and Stories on IG feeds using the same hashtag. As such, they can improve engagement by highlighting brand campaigns and collaborations.

Location Sticker

Today, modern consumers generally search for nearby brands and businesses. That is why location stickers on Instagram Stories can be a passive way to engage Instagrammers. Location Stories stickers are best for tagging physical locations of brands and businesses.

Mention Sticker

When you want to tag an IG friend, you use the @mention feature. When it comes to tagging brands or businesses you are collaborating or working with, you use mention Stories stickers. They can improve engagement by highlighting the Instagram Profile of brands and businesses. Mention Stories stickers stand out instead of simply typing the brand or business name.

Questions Sticker

Are you hosting an IG Q&A session? Do you want to learn more about your audiences on Instagram? Question stickers on Instagram Stories can greatly help improve engagement on these two scenarios. First, you can allow your followers to ask burning questions through pop-in stickers. Second, you can also share a question sticker on an IG Story to invite your audience to share something about themselves.

Quiz Sticker

Give a unique twist on your Instagram Stories by using quiz stickers. They can be an effective way to share discovery and learning. Quiz Stories sticker can improve engagement when educating viewers about a brand, product, or service. They are also great when conducting market research.

Poll Sticker

Poll stickers on Instagram Stories encourage active engagement through audience participation. By giving clear instructions on what actions to take, brands and businesses can learn more about the interests and preferences of target audiences. They can be best used for getting feedback on a new idea or playing games to create fun.

Sound-On Sticker

96% 0f viewers on mobile generally watch videos with sounds off. But if your IG Stories have great audio clips and voice messages, you may want to use Sound-on Stories stickers. It makes sure that the viewer puts the sound on because there is something worth listening to on the IG Story.

Support Small Business Sticker

A partnership is one of the best strategies to promote brands, products, and services on Instagram. With small businesses bouncing back to the new normal, a support small business sticker on IG Stories is always a good idea. It can increase active engagement because you can include images and details when featuring a small business.  


Instagram stickers make Stories more engaging and fun. Don’t just use boring text captions on your Instagram Stories. Try adding any of the 10 Instagram Stories stickers above to improve engagement. Putting them on relevant posts can take off your engagement faster.