According to a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong, Twitter may not be the cheapest platform to market. But it is worth it when it comes to clicks, interactions, and return o investment (ROI). A social media agency Hong Kong does not doubt that Twitter marketing is worth investing in. The microblogging site yields a high level of interaction using unique advertising options. With 206 million daily active users, Twitter is also a potential video marketing platform, as a video marketing agency Hong Kong notes. Below, we have listed some of the best ways how to connect Twitter ads with conversations.


Twitter is a good platform for person-to-person networking. Twitter Events allows networking at a specific time with a large group of people. Interviews can answer questions while having fun. Live events allow brands to connect with real-time conversations. Tweet chats can be a learning and social function for small discussions. While tweet ups let businesses meet connections.


A hashtag is used to index categories, keywords, and topics on Twitter. The function is written with a pound (#) symbol and allows the Twitter nation to easily follow what they are interested in. A good hashtag can boost the presence of Twitter ads and campaigns. It allows a new audience to discover them. A catchy campaign hashtag encourages user-generated content (UGC) that can harness attention and loyalty. A hashtag is the best way to connect Twitter ads with conversations.


Polls allow brands and businesses to ask questions on Twitter. When someone retweets the poll, it spreads brand awareness. Polls can be an organic way to connect Twitter ads with conversations. Brands and businesses can use them to get the audience excited about an upcoming event. It can also be a way to discover what interests your target audience and encourage feedback. Using polls to curate industry-related discussions help discover hot topics, innovations, and interesting points.


Spaces are live audio conversations on Twitter. They are public, so anyone can join, even non-followers on Twitter. All one need to have is the link to a Space room to become a listener. Twitter Spaces is super effective in connecting Twitter ads with real-time conversations. As the audience potentially gets involved in the discussion, brands and businesses can influence their buying decisions.


Twitter has a very active audience. It is because the platform offers engaging ways to promote products and services. Amplify pre-roll ads features popular premium video content. They deliver 2.2 times favorability among brands and influence purchase intent 1.7 times as compared to a non-feed environment. Integrating them with Twitter’s video ads ensures that the right people see them at the right time. With Carousel Ads, the Twitter nation can swipe up to six edge-to-edge images or videos in a single tweet. Clicking an image or video within carousels direct them to an easy checkout without leaving the Twitter experience. Make your Twitter ads the first thing people see when they open their timeline through takeover ads. They come alongside conversation starters and trending topics. As such, they ensure that your ads are always at the forefront of any hot topic.