Today, many brands and businesses are investing more in digital ads. It means focusing heavily on social media marketing as a digital marketing speaker Hong Kong. As such, a social media agency Hong Kong suggests having a social media checklist for brands and businesses. A video marketing agency Hong Kong defines a checklist as an itemized chart of all the important tasks that marketers should accomplish to keep control of their social media marketing efforts. It can help them get things done through an established plan of tasks lineup.

Analyze Social Network Usage

The main goal of analyzing social network usage is to understand the community by mapping the following:

  • the groups or pages the target audiences follow
  • the most popular social networks for a niche
  • the time that most of the target users are online
  • the type of devices the target audiences are using  

Communication Plan

When it comes to a communication plan, the social media checklist should include the following items:

  • the best days and times to post on social media
  • the recommended posting frequency in a social media network
  • the relevant social network to use for a brand or business
  • using the right images and videos per social media platform
  • using influencer partnerships to boost conversions, engagement, interaction, and reach

Execution Plan

An execution plan should go side by side with the social media calendar. The following elements should be included under this checklist section:

  • comparing social media networks and posts
  • regular comparison and measurement of analytics
  • what are the best tools to use when posting on social media
  • when do customers react to posts

Find Product Differentiation

Product differentiation is also called Unique Selling Proposition (USP). It is the one thing that makes a brand or business better than its competitors. The following items should be included under the product differentiation section of a social media checklist:

  • define the benefit or value of the offering to customers
  • identify the uniqueness of the product or service
  • present the best customer testimonials
  • project compelling stories about the brand

Identify Your Customer

Every brand or business should never forget to identify its customers. It is the best way to segment the target audiences and boost conversion in social media posting. What’s best about social media platforms is that they provide demographics to easily accomplish the following checklist under this section:

  • age bracket
  • gender concentration
  • educational attainment
  • location work position

Set Marketing Goals

Every social media campaign should have a marketing goal or a set of marketing goals. Brands and businesses can choose the most common target in this checklist:

  • app download
  • brand or product awareness
  • customer service
  • engagement
  • increase visibility
  • lead generation
  • sales & revenues
  • website traffic